Daytona USA Compendium

This site is dedicated to the preservation of one of the greatest racing series of all time.  Time has been spent collaborating information regarding vital information that will help to inform the reader.  If you have never heard of this Daytona USA game or would like tips on how to improve your skills, feel free to consult our many articles.  I hope you enjoy and learn much, which is the goal of this site.

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History of Daytona USA - Contains information about the creation and creators of the series.

Rundown of Arcade Racers - Think you are arcade savvy?  Read up on the list of Sega racing games out there, as well as those not from Sega.

Daytona USA Courses - List of courses featured throughout the series with pictures.

Daytona USA Cars - List of cars featured throughout the series with pictures.

Tips to Win - Need to improve your game?  Check out our hints and tips to beat the timer and maybe make it to Victory Lane.

Codes, Secrets, Trivia - Miscellaneous stuff you might wanna check out.

Soundtrack - Listen to it here.

YouTube Videos - People playing Daytona USA, isn't there anything greater than that?

Links and Contact Info - Other neat sides and more about the webmaster here.


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